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Few things are more inconvenient than getting a flat tire when you've got plans. On average, our experienced technicians can have your spare tire installed within 5-10 minutes of arrival.

why choose us

Even if you aren't in a rush, changing your own tire can be a grueling experience without the right equipment.

A vehicle's stock jack is generally not ideal for a safe and efficient tire change, and many times your spare tire will be slightly deflated for storage.

Our heavy-duty equipment allows our service provider to safely support your vehicle's weight to install your fully inflated replacement tire. If your tire is merely low on air, we are happy to offer our discounted tire inflation service to get you on your way faster.

Things to Remember

Please make sure that your spare tire is easily accessible for our technician.

Wait for our technician to arrive with the appropriate equipment. Please do not attempt to jack the car up by yourself.

Be sure to get your car safely out of the way of traffic before contacting us.

Please be sure that any lug nut keys necessary to remove your damaged tire are readily available.

*If your damaged tire has been replaced by a compact spare or "donut", it is not recommended to travel faster than 50 mph or for a distance greater than 70 miles. The safest option is to install a full-sized tire as soon as possible.

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